Administrative rights

Initially only an owner of a database is a user who has access to all objects in the system and can customize the objects in the Setup mode.

There may be times when you grant to your managers an ability to add and invite other users or allow them to help you with database adjustments.

To grant or restrict administrative controls to some users, change the Setup Permission option.

For every user that already exists in the system you can choose any of the following setup permissions for your database.

Level of access Description
No Access This option prevents users from access to the setup mode of your database.
Manage Users Users with this level have an ability to add, invite and delete other users.
Manage Data This option grants Import and Export data permissions.
Manage Users and Data This level grants Import and Export data permissions and user management permissions (adding, inviting and deleting other users)
Full Access Choose this level to give all administrative permissions for your database. The user with this option can customize database structure and has full access permissions, so usually the Full Access option is granted to a manager or a person responsible for administrative duties.

Click the Setup link in the top right corner of the window.

Select the Database tab.

Click Sharing/ Roles >Manage existing users shares in the setup menu. The system will display a list of users:

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Choose the necessary user from the list and click Edit in a corresponding row to modify user’s setup permissions. The following form will appear:


When finished, click Save to apply changes; click Save and Invite to send an invitation e-mail to the user. Click Cancel to discard changes.

Please note if the External User option is assigned to a user, it prevents such user from access to the setup mode of your database, so only No Access option will be shown in the Setup Permission field.