Adding Users and Sharing Database

If you are a database owner or have permissions to add users (or invite them via email) to your database, you can share your TeamDesk database with others:

To add and/or invite users:

  1. Click the Setup link in the top right corner of the window.

  2. Select the Database tab.

  3. Click Sharing/Roles > Share with additional users in the setup menu. The system will open the following form:

    Quick Share

    E-mail Addresses
    In this field, enter the email addresses of the users you want to add.
    Assigning the Role
    From the dropdown list, select a user role to be assigned to the specified users.
    External User
    This checkbox can be checked only if the External Users pack is included in your database.
  4. Click Save if you simply want to add users to the system.

  5. Click Save and Invite if you want to add users to the system and send them invitation emails with a link to register in the system.

  6. Click Cancel to discard changes.