Access Rights to Objects

TeamDesk enables you to differentiate access rights to various objects in the system, such as Tables, Views, Columns, etc.

You can define a set of actions that each user group may perform with an object. For example, you may allow one user group to add, edit, and delete objects, while another user group will be able to view objects only. Read the corresponding topics to learn how to manage access for Columns, Tables, and Views.

Some objects (for example, forms and dashboards) can have several types, and you can associate each object type with a certain user group. For example, for Forms, one user group may have one set of fields, while another group will have a different set of fields. Read the corresponding topics to learn how to associate various Forms and Dashboards with different user groups.

You may restrict or grant access to some objects (such as Views) based on a user’s role, making various objects unavailable to certain groups of users.