Managing Access for Table Records

It’s likely that your database is intended for different users or groups of users (co-workers, partners, or customers), and your business process requires different access to the information for different users. For instance, your database tracks apartment rentals. A realtor or a sales manager needs to be able to add and edit records, manipulating pricing and requests for apartment facilities. But you don’t want them to see each other’s sales commission figures. As a database owner or a chief, you need to see the quantity of deals and revenue, but you don’t want realtors to be able to edit or view these records.

In such a case, the TeamDesk system provides for various groups of users with different access rights. Each user group is called a Role and can have special access rights to table records. There are four possible types of rights that can be applied to table records:

To set rights for each user role:

  1. Click the Setup link in the top right corner of the window.

  2. Click on the table you need.

From the setup menu, select Table > Manage access for table records. The system will open the following form:

Records Access

Use the fields to specify access rights for each user role:

Allow View
From the list, select what type of records a certain user group can view:

Please note that only viewable records can be modified or deleted by a user.

Allow Modify
From the list, select what type of records a certain user group can modify:
Allow Add
Specify if a certain user group can add records to the table:
Allow Delete
Select what type of records a certain user group can delete:

When finished, click Save to apply specified access rights. Click Cancel to discard changes.

* You can generate a formula using the Filter option in the View.
First, create a View, activate the "Only records that meet certain criteria" option in the Filter section and indicate necessary criteria, then Save this view.
Reopen the created View and activate the "Custom formula" field; after that, the necessary formula will be generated. Copy this formula and Paste it into the Custom Rule.

Please notice that Table Records Access does not affect Workflow Actions. Only the access to a custom button or a trigger comprising the action is taken into account by the system.