I can't say enough.

Two companies operate on dbFlex platforms I designed (close to 10 years now for both of them).

My current engineering and consulting firm is a work-in-progress, and will be #3 in some form (see below). We are experimenting with a document tracking and management system that overlays onto email...

Back, 10 years ago, I was in between jobs, and knew I would be staying in the construction estimating field, so I had some time to look at estimating & project management software.

At my last job, I was using Sage-Master Builders project management software, and Quest Solutions estimating software. With the annual fees (for just 5 years), these two software packages alone are worth $15,000 apiece, totalling a $30,000 software investment by this company.

If you are an estimator or project manager, you should really try messing with TeamDesk. I have spent 15 years with spreadsheets and databases - not as an expert, but a user. I am also an accomplished estimator in the trades of concrete construction, demolition, saw-cutting & excavation. I really believed there was a web-based database software out there that could do what I wanted, and tried 4 of them before almost giving up.

We now regularly work with 4 TeamDesk applications - which are in full use. I estimate with 2 applications, and we generate payroll and construction scheduling (much to my new employer's enjoyment).

Estimating: As a professional construction estimator for 11 years post graduate, the estimating software I have developed with Teamdesk is more flexible, and allows for more customization creating "cost assemblies" than 95% of the software available. I like it better than the $15,000 estimating software I was using for 4 years at my last firm. Most estimators I know, love their spreadsheets. Once you use TeamDesk, you will never go back.

Scheduling: I made a scheduling software that manages 40 men and tracks hours, equipment, jobsites and pay schedules for a 6 million dollar construction & demolition company. We are in full operation, and it is working better than anything I have seen at 3 other companies (all of which have spent thousands on consultants).

Project Management: while a work in progress, I have developed a project / document management & bid proposal software that I believe is better for subcontractors than 95% of the systems out there. Primarily, because subcontractors work differently than general contractors, and most of what is available is focused towards general contractors. AND it's so bullet proof, easy to learn, sophisticated enough to please, and so darn flexible!

Oh wait, I forgot to mention Kirill and the other awesome experts who answer all my questions, and write back typically within a few hours with a personal response (and solution). That's huge, and I've paid more for much less.

Foresoft even protected my ownership rights, defended me and my intellectual property as I was parting ways with a former employer. This was huge.

I can't speak highly enough about Foresoft and the team.

It's been many years, and likely many more.

Sam Parish, B.S.E.
Forensic Engineer
Sam Parish, B.S.E.