The development and utilization of TeamDesk applications is a unique experience. I have been able to quickly provide our customer ATALIA, thanks to TeamDesk help and unique support, with a very powerful International Sales Management System, which has been immediately accepted by the users. Our application has been praised by management for the fact that the travelling sales managers, the back-office staff and management itself can all share the results of sales activities world-wide, from any Internet access point. At the same time management can request summary and detail information on sales progress using a variety of special views, including graphics. Accountants receive views that document payments which are due to suppliers and sales agents as well as payments due from customers. Also any sales-transaction queries from suppliers or customers can be answered rapidly and effectively. Last but not least, the TeamDesk application is appreciated because it is reliable and because we have not had to go through the often costly and annoying hassles of software installation, activation, updating, upgrading etc.

Yes, I can say that TeamDesk definitely contributes to the business success of our customer ATALIA. It does so by enhancing two main aspects of business processes: awareness and control.

Besides being a very reliable web-based system, offering the necessary functions for interactive data management (data acquisition, data storage, data access and data evaluation), it is being continuously improved based on user requests and the ideas of your own developers. The fact that you are constantly listening to your customers and users and that you provide service, help and support of a quality which I have never met before in the software industry, is a powerful success factor of TeamDesk.

To summarize our reasons for choosing TeamDesk for ATALIA’s International Sales Management System, I would say:

  • Robust, reliable, secure web-based system which allows for the rapid development and implementation of data management applications;
  • Functional concept fits practical business requirements very neatly;
  • Easy to understand and use. Readily accepted by end-users;
  • Great flexibility in adapting applications to changing needs (e.g. quickly add data elements, create new views, modify user-access etc.);
  • Well thought out user access authorization system;
  • Unique service and support of the very highest quality. Very quick solution of any issues that may arise. Very helpful, friendly and understanding staff;
  • Excellent price/performance ratio;
  • No installation or downloading of software required.

I look forward to working with TeamDesk for many years to come and wish you much success.

Rainer Hochkoeppler
Rainer Hochkoeppler