Business and Technical situation

One of our clients the Stobel Group, involved in the logistics sector, required an integrated warehouse management and transport management solution, that was adaptable to their current business processes and needs. They had the following requirements:

  • Integration of information captured across different systems. They need an integrated platform from which to operate. They required a warehouse management system that incorporated:

    • lot number and expiry date control
    • stock lists by batch number/expiry
    • stock transaction reporting
    • Proof of delivery and good receipt note document control with barcoding
    • certificates of analysis
    • incident report tracking
  • They also required an integrated transport management system that was linked to their warehouse management system:

    • transport emergency cards for the storage and transportation of hazardous goods
    • manifest and trip sheets
    • COD management
  • Invoicing control from an integrated platform, to ensure that there was more control and accuracy with the invoicing for the services that they provide

  • They also required a platform to control their human resource functions, their requirements included:

    • Employee leave applications
    • Managing and generating staff contracts
    • Drivers licenses
    • Warehouse staff training and training certificates
  • Another one of our clients, Olmans Trust & Finance Company (Pty) Ltd, is involved in the property management sector. Required an integrated system that would allow them to control and manage their entire property portfolio, tenants, maintenance and lease agreements effectively. They lacked an integrated platform that would enable them to do so in an efficient and organized manner.


Using TeamDesk as the core, we have been able to develop and provide a fully integrated warehouse management, transport management, document management and human resource management system for them to name a few. Stobel coming from multiple disparate systems, they now have full control and visibility of their operations. We have been able to provide a solution that matches their ever-changing business requirements.

TeamDesk has also allowed Olman’s to better manage their properties in a transparent manner.


TeamDesk is continuously evolving, with each new addition we have been able to provide further control and additional features that continue to add value to how our clients are able to better manage their operations.


TeamDesk has allowed our clients to get better control over their costs, allowing them to integrate information in such a way that they have complete transparency and integration of information that is vital to the managing of their organizations in an efficient manner.

Dale Oliver
Dale Oliver