What can I say, I honestly love TeamDesk. It has quickly become the center of my business. Yes, it has evolved from the original application. It's evolving every day. As a business need arises I figure out a way to make it happen in TeamDesk. The flexibility is fantastic.

I have been running a mobile computer support business since 2001. For about four years I did it all by myself so invoices and follow-ups were handled pretty easily. About three years ago it started to get too busy for me to handle on my own so I began to get more people to help cover the jobs. This was okay because invoices could be handed in to the office on a daily basis and blank invoice forms handed out to the tech before they went out to do the jobs. Double handling was becoming a bit of a hassle but it was still manageable. The real problem started when we started to take on more areas. How do you get a technician to keep dropping in when he/she has to drive an hour to get here?

I needed a way to generate invoices remotely. I looked into online invoice services but none of them would quite fit our business model. Not only that but most charged by the invoice and had little flexibility. I stumbled onto TeamDesk while looking for a better service. The 14day trial and the free setup consultation looked good so I had a go. I was a bit worried about my ability to manage a database but I figured 14 days was plenty to establish whether I could do it or not. TeamDesk Support was quick to respond to my questions and the fast setup of what I needed got me started in about a day. Amazing! By showing me how to help myself I was able to take it from there. Since then, when I get stuck, I try another application to see how its done then incorporate the concept into my own application. It’s learning by example. TeamDesk Support is always there if I need them. Most of the time I can work it out myself.

Now the techs submit invoice forms from their mobile phones (PDA). When the jobs are done they fill out the details on their phones and submit them into our system using a web form generated by TeamDesk. An invoice number is generated in the new record and an email notification is instantly sent back to the customer. The tech opens the email on the customer's computer and prints the invoice out on their computer if they want one. The printout isn't really needed because it’s in their email inbox anyway. The customer loves it because it’s all so professional. The tech loves it because they don't have to come into the office anymore and I love it because I don't have to pay anyone to handle the invoices or double handle the information.

At the end of the week I have all the information to pay the techs and see who hasn't paid the bill. The reporting functions are elaborate and if I have collected the information then I can build a report on anything.

Notifications are fantastic. The system handles the follow-ups three days after the tech did the job to make sure everything is going ok and to let the customer know we are still here if they need us. After seven days the unpaid customers start getting email reminders to pay the bill and how they can pay online. We have just started putting computer sales on to the end of each invoice and I have just figured out how to put pictures into each email notification. It just keeps on getting better!!!

Almost everything can be automated so I don't have to pay more office staff as the business keeps growing. As a business, we can concentrate on delivering computer support and not get consumed with office procedures. Way to go TeamDesk, you're making us look like heroes.

James Ross
James Ross