Business and Technical situation

Managing a Tech Transfer Office needs lots of control anchors for the business development tracking and output performances. At ŞEHİR our TTO has 4 main branches with separated KPIs but all connected to the main outputs; projects, patents, licenses and startups. There weren't any tool that can match to our daily business. Feeling to be stranded to select among the already prepared tool and to change your daily things to it, was the departure point for us to look elsewhere.


The pain is over. We saw the land after sailing lots along the ocean. TeamDesk is as flexible as a paper and a pencil. All you have to do is to write down the functions of your daily business and built at TeamDesk as you are using Excel spreadsheet and after connect the tables between the cells and Voila! In days effort you have a big software which is unique to your office. Thank you one more time TeamDesk.


First, support is great. TeamDesk team understood very well their customer needs. This is a gold point. Second, this tool helped us a lot to not struggle with lots of meeting days with the software design teams for tailoring a market tool for our business. Being the captain of our daily processes we are the unique designers and with TeamDesk this time, we were also the software guys for our design. This is coding without interrupts and interface. "This is the domain experts direct coding without knowing any coding".

Önder Mutlu Yılmaz
Director of Technology Transfer Office
Önder Mutlu Yılmaz