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Why did you start utilizing web-database software for your business?

We started using TeamDesk online database to facilitate managing our brokers. Now we better follow up our business workflow and all data is stored in one centralized environment. Previously, we used Excel and it was challenging keeping up with all the variables.

Why TeamDesk?

We choose TeamDesk, because it is very approachable and allows us to customize the database to our needs.
At the beginning, we wanted to manage the brokers compliance documents and since then we have evolved to other things that allow to manage the brokers insurance companies – bonus rates and sales.

What was the easiest or the most difficult for you?

During TeamDesk implementation the easiest was to deal with the support team, which was very helpful and patient.

What benefits did you get by implementing your database application?

Using TeamDesk online database solution we saved a lot of time and became more effective.

Elisabeth Prosper
Office manager
Elisabeth Prosper