Business and Technical situation

Peak Sails North America is the largest independent sailmaker in North America.

We have housed our production database on Trackvia for over 5 years. As you are aware, they first started with their "Classic" product and then introduced an updated parallel product. We were notified recently that all Classic clients must transition to the new product by July of 2017.

Unfortunately, Trackvia has offered little to no support to assist us in porting our database over to their newer product. Much worse, they advised that there would be a price increase once the transitioned was finished.


We made the decision to move our account quickly in order to be able to align it with our fiscal and production years.

We looked at over a dozen products and found TeamDesk to be far superior in power, functionality and price.

What we did not expect was the incredible service we have received from your support staff. Both Slava and Mila have been fantastic. They have responded to our questions within minutes of submitting them. This is unheard of in most companies today.

I can honestly say that our new database would not be ready for the 2017 fiscal year without their assistance.

Arthur W. Kelly
Arthur W. Kelly