Main reasons of migration from Quickbase

Cost reduction. Quickbase was a great tool but they kept hiking the price.

Why did you choose TeamDesk

TeamDesk offered instant import of our existing database and assisted every step of the way to reconfigure our workflows, notifications, rules....etc.. Not only TeamDesk was by far the most cost effective replacement but also has similar user interface to ease the transition.


We delayed our migration nearly one year because the search for adequate replacement wasn't easy. We tried a few other vendors and came away disappointed due to lack of key features and clunky UI, not to mention poor migration path. Honestly, Quickbase has some nice features that other competitors can't touch (Mass Edit, Robust Form Design/Layout). We had to write our own app to supplement for a few limitations because our users were spoiled by Quickbase.


I was really impressed with TeamDesk's supporting staff, all members are experienced professional and always respond promptly to any of my request. Keep up the good work.


Our user accounts have tripled since the migration to TeamDesk. We've completely replaced our paper documentations with TeamDesk-based database. TeamDesk offers more functionality and database configuration than Quickbase. Formulas are easy to understand and implement.

Norm Nguyen
Senior Software Engineer
Norm Nguyen