When Steinberg & Associates began operations we were utilizing a database that we developed through Microsoft Access. We learned very quickly that we would not be able to create the type of live environment that we needed to collaborate successfully. I had a business associate suggest I consider outsourcing the development of our database to a third party. Originally I was against the idea after pricing some of the pre-built software programs available to collection agencies. The problem was not just with the prices (often exceeding 10k) but with the lack of customization the existing programs had to offer.

After a business associate of mine suggested TeamDesk as a possible solution, I spent countless hours going over as many template applications as I could to study TeamDesk capabilities from a customization stand point. What I discovered was that TeamDesk had more options for customization that I had thought possible after spending well over 100 hours working on developing our original database on MS Access.

After reviewing and studying what I thought were all of TeamDesk capabilities I contacted sales and set up a trial account. After speaking with Val for about an hour he suggested I utilize the four free hours of customization that came with a new membership on TeamDesk. What he suggested is that since I had spent time learning its capabilities that I design what I would think of as the perfect software program for our line of work. I took his advice to heart and spent several hours describing exactly what I was looking for in a software program (from what fields I wanted, to where I wanted those fields to go, and everything in between). When I thought I had described exactly what we wanted I sent the word doc to Val. The next day I called and talked to Val and he assured me that he had assigned one of his best programmers Kirill to our project and that I would most likely be pleased with his interpretation of what I had requested. All I can say is that I was more than impressed with what he created. He took most of my ideas and expanded upon them to the point of figuring out the answers to questions that I did not have the foresight to ask.

The application has only gotten better as we have created customized views and expanded upon the impressive canvas put before us.

The benefits I should think our office. Our application is the lifeblood of our company. It is the complete package. It is a program that not only serves all of our business management needs it is also a sales tool in itself. When I give clients a demonstration of our applications capabilities it only builds credibility and reassures clients that we are on the cutting edge.

Thank you for all of your wonderful work and especially to Val and Kirill, you should be proud of what you have created. I am.

David DuBay
Director of Operations
David DuBay