I was looking at a replacement system for our Service Management System and stumbled on TeamDesk whilst researching various products online. The fact I could trial the application was a major plus point.

My concerns were as follows:

  • The platform is hosted therefore we are reliant on TeamDesk to deliver availability and appropriate backup solutions;
  • There are many established companies delivering packaged solutions. TeamDesk was unknown and untested at the time;
  • Entrusting TeamDesk with our data;
  • No Telephone Support and the Time Difference;
  • Would you view the Application as a critical part of our business?

I managed to answer these questions by an extended trial. I am happy to say that the responses to the above points were all answered very positively.

The support is excellent. Support Team has solved virtually every problem I have thrown at him and he knows when a response is very urgent. That said I always get a response within the day. It’s a plus point of the offering which you are not able to measure until you use it. Having to explain the problem once and getting a pertinent response on the first attempt is really beneficial and saves lots of unnecessary correspondence.

We have incorporated and built up the application to include other areas of the business. As an example, not only have we replaced our Service Management Package, all company expenses are now completed via TeamDesk and integrated into the associated Project and Support Case Costs. The biggest plus point apart from support is the flexibility the platform affords. You can generally engineer a solution for most business processes, something you could never achieve with a packaged application.

Scott Miller
Head of Technical Services
Scott Miller