Business and Technical situation

We needed a cloud based database to solve a number of customer specific problems. One was the need for a CRM "lite" to allow the management of our customers to view and track purchases from our 80+ web-to-print ecommerce storefronts. Additionally, we needed a content management system that could store any kind of information including images that could be easily pulled into the products on our web-to-print systems. We utilize both the SOAP and REST APIs for these purposes.


TeamDesk provided a very cost effective solution based on the number of databases and users that we would need. A robust API was also critical for integration with our ecommerce systems.


Trufully, nothing was difficult. Both documentation and support are excellent but, quite frankly I have not needed much assistance. TeamDesk is very similar to FileMaker Pro and anyone familiar with it would have no problem setting up and maintaining a TeamDesk database.


Prior to TeamDesk, we were having to maintain our customer’s content assets. That is no longer the case. Each customer maintains their own database of content. This is a HUGE time savings on our part and benefits the customer in that changes are under their control – they don’t have to wait on us to perform updates. In addition, we have drastically increased their productivity in creating marketing materials.

For example, we have a customer with a medical practice brochure for their roughly 100 locations that includes information about the practice as well as the pictures and titles for up to 16 staff members. They can create one of these brochures in seconds now instead of hours and print them "on demand" in smaller quantities thus saving them time and money. We actually charge our customers for this "privilege" so it is also a source of revenue for us!

Paul O’Brien
Paul O’Brien