We launched our innovation and strategy consulting practice back in 2007. We wanted to spend as little money as possible in IT, yet we wanted to have best of class solutions. That’s why we turned to SaaS solutions for all of our IT but MS Office apps (mainly PowerPoint, Word and Excel… but we are considering changing to Google apps).

We use TeamDesk today to run our business: time records, invoices, leads, CRM… everything that is key to our business is recorded and shared through TeamDesk.

We started from a template in TeamDesk libraries, which we customized to our needs. A few times in the process, we needed support, and every time we got a laser-accurate answer from TeamDesk support team within 24 hours.

We had already experienced the richness of TeamDesk while we were working for our previous employer (a large insurance company), and we knew it would be a simple and sure way to achieve what we needed to manage our business, and moreover that the solution would grow at the same pace of our business, in terms of number of users as well as in terms of functions.
Choosing our core database was an important decision for us for the years to come, that’s why, although we knew TeamDesk would meet our requirements, before choosing it, we tested a lot of other SaaS databases. The result was unambiguous: none of the other solutions was at the same time as simple yet as powerful and as cheap.

A lot of our customers are amazed to see that we have such an advanced IT system. They are just abashed when we tell then: 1- that we made it all by ourselves in 2 days, 2- that it costs us tens of dollars every month, not thousands!

It is so good to know that, although you are a SMB, with products like TeamDesk you can have first class product and service. We do also very much appreciate the low price tag and the fact that we are free to make our solution evolve ourselves, at our pace, with no coding involved. In fact, we do make small enhancements every week.

Today, it would be very difficult to switch to another solution, because we have tuned TeamDesk so much, we almost believe it is ours!

Jérôme SERRE
Jérôme SERRE