As a third-party logistics provider we battle to find software solutions that match our information requirements adequately. If you purchase a Warehouse Management system, it often excludes a Transport Management System and vice versa as well as background billing with rates management. Also our accounting/billing system is not integrated so this is prone to errors. Our productivity is also limited as we often re-enter data across a variety of systems and data often has to be manipulated and extracted from a variety of systems in order to get the desired information required.

The main problem we are trying to resolve is the integration of information that is captured and stored in different systems.

Although we have only recently starting using TeamDesk we can see the benefits and flexibility of TeamDesk.

We are currently using TeamDesk to help manage and control a variety of functions such as:

Human Resources - We use it to control and manage staff records, training certificates and renewals, leave, grievances, warnings etc.

Line Haul - We are also using TeamDesk to help co-ordinate our line haul, reduce invoicing errors (i.e. where consignments are missed out in this process), and also to monitor our profitability on certain consignments.

Vehicle Maintenance – track services, vehicle registrations and licensing,

Incident report tracking – monitor and record incidents pertaining to incidents on the road, in our warehouses or customer complaints etc.


In terms of our Line Haul we have had the following benefits:

  • Has enabled Stobel to gain proper control of the long distance transport
  • Reliable web interface with little downtime
  • Transparency to all users with security restrictions if required
  • One system for all branches, but can be used independently where required
  • Has make the long distance billing much less labour intensive resulting in quicker invoicing in Pastel Partner (accounting package)
  • Prevents duplicate and non-invoiced waybills – better accuracy
  • Can control cost, margin and non-income producing loads or trends
  • Can control COD collection for goods being delivered
  • Is flexible and user developed to our needs

Some Cons

  • Needs the required expertise to develop further
  • Is not currently integrated into our accounting package
Dale Oliver
Branch Manager
Dale Oliver