I tried TeamDesk less than six months ago. At that time, I used to have a "home-brewed" project management/portfolio management database in Quickbase. Given the high cost of Quickbase, I had to find an alternative, so I gave TeamDesk a try.

Since then, the flexibility and the ease-of-use of TeamDesk has surpassed my expectations.

I am not a programmer or software engineer, so I need a tool that is simple to use with real capabilities. I have tried other solutions, but only TeamDesk has given me the flexibility I need without adding a extra level of complexity. I can do almost everything I need, and more.

I had to integrate a "New ideas portfolio" with a "Project management system", and I have to keep track of certain KPIs along the way. TeamDesk is the only tool that I now use to do all of this.

I also appreciate being able to work without resorting to a large number of (unrelated or unlinked) spreadsheets and text documents (which used to be my reality before). I was able to build different tools around my very specific needs. So, instead of adapting my work to the tools, I can adapt the tools to fit the processes I use in a daily basis.

As a product design/project manager, this is a significant difference and it allows me to spend more time conceiving and managing new products developments rather than documenting them, or spending time trying to track data in a galaxy of unrelated, dumb "documents".

So, I can fairly say that TeamDesk is in fact adding to our bottom line, by allowing me to do more with less, at least, it allows me to use my time in a more efficient manner.

I also appreciate that you are very active in implementing new features and actually listening to your customer. This reactivity in itself is worth the subscription fee.

So, this is just a quick word/testimony to say that I am very satisfied and that I strongly recommend TeamDesk.

Marc-Andre Lacas
Innovation Manager
Marc-Andre Lacas