Keyword search improvements

Today, we’ve reorganized search result display in TeamDesk.

Search results page is now AJAX-enabled. Instead of regenerating the page in full we now query each table separately and inserting the output to a result page. This technique enables us to cache query results on a per-table basis improving overall search performance and decreasing servers’ load.

Also, to display search results instead of default view we now generate pseudo view consisting of all columns marked as Allow Find – combined with search terms highlight, this view should provide more information about found records and columns in which search term is found.

5 thoughts on “Keyword search improvements

  1. I’m having a problem with linked records in the search.
    I don’t want it to show the ID that makes the link happen on the results, I want it to show what it links to.
    For example when it searches the order table, I don’t want it to show the customer ID that links to the Customer table. I want it to show the Customer name from the customer table. That is how it used to function.
    It can show both for all I care, but I really need the customer name.

  2. This is a breaking change for my application, for the same reason that Mike mentioned above. It would be great to have an option to select which view was used for search as you have suggested. Please try to fix this weekend if possible… unhappy users come back to work Monday…. thanks.

  3. We’ve decided to add settings to specify the list of columns to display in a search result on a table level – planning to ship before the end of this week

  4. Setup > tab > Table > Table Properties now features Search Options section where you can customize the list of columns to display in search results for this table.

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