No matter how big or small your company is right now, sooner or later you’ll find your business has grown significantly, and this is a time to get the workflow automated. Once you face this problem, the search for a required solution begins.

As James Ross, a mobile computer support business owner, started looking for a system to generate invoices remotely, he faced typical problems: traditional apps didn’t fit his requirements and none of the online services corresponded to his business structure. It seemed that there is no suitable solution exists until James came across TeamDesk:

"Almost everything can be automated so I don’t have to pay more office staff as the business keeps growing. As a business, we can concentrate on delivering computer support and not get consumed with office procedures. Way to go TeamDesk, you’re making us look like heroes".

Apart from invoices, TeamDesk became really handy for project status and payments tracking, improving employees accountability. As the business goes on, its model keeps evolving too. Being a business model reflection, the application structure has to adapt to these constant changes:

"It’s evolving every day. As a business need arises I figure out a way to make it happen in TeamDesk. The flexibility is fantastic".

Not only TeamDesk-based application improves business process. It simplified technicians’ life as well, allowing them to concentrate on supporting their customers instead of losing their time on the business commute.

"The customer loves it because it’s all so professional. The tech love it because they don’t have to come into the office anymore and I love it because I don’t have to pay anyone to handle the invoices or double handle the information".

The initial Application has significantly evolved as it keeps matching an ever changing business model, and became integrated into the whole business process.