Alexander Sepe is an IT Engineer. He specializes on analyzing business requirements and implementing highly effective TeamDesk Databases to precisely address business needs.

Why did you decide to become a TeamDesk expert?

During my career I noticed that only big companies possessed flexible and high quality web-based applications that let them utilize IT technology to support their business processes.  My idea was to help those small-to-medium companies achieving that as well… and becoming a TeamDesk Expert was the best way to help more companies.

At the beginning of the last year I received an invitation to be listed on “TeamDesk List of Experts” and I accepted.

I decided to become a TeamDesk Expert because this allows me to help more companies to have better experiences with Web-based Applications and dedicate their efforts in being more productive on their business, instead of investing time in technical issues.

What was the last solution you worked on?

The last solution I worked on was a very good one: A Marketing & Communication Solution. It was designed for and by our company ITIS International S.A, located in Panama City.

This is a Marketing solution that enables clients to send massive communications through several channels: Email, SMS or Voice Calls (promotions, offers, discounts, newsletter…), with just one click in a friendly and easy to use application, regardless of the number of contacts they have. Also, this solution enables clients to set business rules (marketing strategy) that automatically trigger communications. This solution has also an interface that helps to take the information from Point of Sales (customer’s contact data & purchases), Excel files and keep this information in a centralized and easy to manage database.

What was the biggest challenge?

As I realized, if a business wants to produce their products and introduce them into the market, they had to be more productive and definitely need tools that would enable them to send massive communications to address a large base of potential and existing customers with just one click (or automatically, based on business rules without human intervention).

Business needs to retain customers, motivate them to buy more products, increase sales, reward top sellers, send offers, promotions… So, we focus our efforts to design a very easy to use application that lets them to achieve that. User just needs to follow 3 steps (Create, Filter and Send) to initiate communications through either Email, SMS or Voice.

What were the main reasons for choosing TeamDesk?

The main reasons to choose TeamDesk were: It is a FLEXIBLE and SCALABLE solution with a great professional support staff, one of the best frameworks in the world that brings us the opportunity to precisely fit business needs with our application, excellent API Tools that let us make B2B integrations with other IT Solutions and Platforms, and, finally, a very impressive infrastructure with high availability, scalability, capacity and security.

How was the adjustment going?

The adjustment was going great.  We invested considerable time in studying and understanding the business needs before starting to work on the solution. In my opinion it was the key of success with this Project.

A big challenge was making API connections to achieve B2B Integration with other Platforms, and the result was really great: with a single solution, users are able to send text messages, emails and voice calls.

What is your favorite TeamDesk feature?

Definetely, Workflow Rules & Actions. Utilizing this feature, I am able to help clients to fit logical business and strategies with TeamDesk applications.

In most cases TeamDesk users create solutions on their own. What advices would you have for them?

Invest considerable time in studying and understanding your business needs before starting to create your database.  You should have a clear idea of what is going to be your database structure (tables & relationships). Then, the task of creating your database will be easier and the result is going to be a clear-understanding database that fits with your business information.

Also, invest a time in thinking who is going to collaborate with the database, and determine a role for each potential user before starting to work with the application. Doing that, you will assure an effective communication between users and create a team-work. This would also help to avoid misunderstanding and future problems with security issues.

If you don’t have time and experience to reflect your business needs in an effective TeamDesk application, I strongly recommend you to contact a TeamDesk Expert. That would assure you get a professional and cost-effective solution, so you would be able to concentrate on managing your business while TeamDesk Experts are ready to deal with the complexity of developing and supporting TeamDesk Solutions.

You can get in touch with Alexander Sepe via this form and discuss a database solution for your business needs.