Did you know that by using “Navigate action” you can open a new form of a related detail record in just a single click? You just need to create a custom button that includes “Navigate” functionality.
Let’s say, you utilized TeamDesk online database to manage a travel agency workflow. Naturally, you would need to add related bookings to each tour within your online database. It means, there is a One-to-Many relation between “Tours” and “Bookings” tables. “Tours” is a master table, while “Bookings” serves as “details” table. To streamline the process of adding related details, you should create a custom button in the “Tours” table:

This custom button should contain an action of the Navigate type.

This “New Navigate” action has to contain an assignment:

This assignment relates a Booking to a particular “Tour”, since the Tour Id value gets into the Tour reference column of the booking.
As a result, the “Add Booking” button appears in the “Available Bookings” view.

Pressing this button opens a new Booking form:

Template Example

You can review this setup by cloning the Tours and Bookings template.