Mobile Device Update Record

Assume, you need to report a problem, make a photo of it and assign this problem to a user who has to fix it. For instance, you have created an initial record keeping a problem data in your online database and after that a corresponding request is sent to a mobile phone of an assigned user. Further, you want to know when this problem or task is fixed. So, the assigned user should update the record by mobile phone. For doing this in simple way, you can add a Record Change trigger with the Mobile Device Update Record action to a table, where the data should be kept. Then the assigned user has to set the TeamDesk mobile client application on his/her mobile device.

All mobile Update Record requests will be deleted from mobile devices automatically after 30 days from the creation date.

Please notice that the Mobile Device Update Record action needs a trigger. To make the adjustment, please follow these steps:

Create a record change trigger. For example, the Problem Assigned to User trigger:

Then add a New Mobile Device Record Update action to this trigger and fill in the action form. For instance, the Fix the Problem action can be added.


In the Name field enter a name of the action.


Notes field holds any comments you need to keep for this action.


The Color option is intended to override default “table color” logic, allowing to set a different color for a mobile action.


This option allows to select icons for a mobile action. You have a choice of 900+ icons covering various subjects – actions, brands, file types, symbols, animals and a lot more. The Search box above will help you to narrow down the list of choices.

Sent To

Select options defining who will be able to access the action in the TeamDesk mobile client application. You can specify one or many options described below.



All users with access

The action will be accessible for all users who can view or add records to the table, where the action is created.


The action will be accessible only for you.

The User

The action will be accessible only for a specified user.

The user listed in the column

You can choose a column comprising a user name. So the action will be accessible for this user.

User Input

In the User Input section, you can choose fields/columns that should be displayed to a user, when he/she creates a new record via the TeamDesk mobile client application.

Please note that the Mobile Device Update Record action is associated with a trigger or a custom button to send a form filling request to user’s mobile device.

Moreover, when an application sends the record back, the system checks validation rules and fires record change triggers if there are any in the table.

Also, the action can include assignments. Furthermore, we’ve added new functions to use in Mobile Device Create/Update action assignments section:

DeviceLatitude(),  DeviceLongitude() – GPS coordinates of mobile device when the user clicks “Send” button.
DeviceTimestamp() – Timestamp at the moment of using “Send” button.

The ‘Revoke from Devices’ button

In case it is needed to revoke the action from all the devices, use the Revoke From Device button accessible on the action form.

The example of the Construction Task Tracking scenario is described below:

Problem registered in the database:

We recommend to adjust the Form Behavior to make the fields “Problem Photo” and “Problem Description” ReadOnly, if they are not blank.

A responsible person is assigned to fix the problem:

The task arrives to the mobile device of the assigned user:

In case the task is reassigned to a new user and such a new user is selected in the Assigned To field of the database record, the trigger sends the mobile update request to this new user. After that the system automatically revokes the update request for the previous user.

As the result, the assigned new user can report a solution using a mobile device.

When the user sent the solution, the system updates the record in the database:

Feel free to order “Example: Mobile Device Create/Update Record Database” trial to test how it works.

How to revoke a mobile Update Record request from mobile device when a task Status is changed to Closed

Sometimes a user can update a record directly in a database. In this case you may need to revoke the update record action which has already been sent to a user mobile device. To make the adjustment you can create the Status text column with choices and the Formula-User column.

For instance, the Status column keeps two choices: Open and Closed.

When the “Closed” option is chosen and the record is saved, the system should revoke the update record request from a mobile device of the assigned user.

To clean the update record request, you need to add the Formula-User column keeping the following formula:

After that you can create, for example, a record change trigger.

Then add to the trigger the mobile device update record action you need to revoke and choose the Formula-User column in the settings of this action.

As the result, all update record requests with the “Closed” status will be revoked automatically.

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