Mobile update record actions and mobile alerts are used by many TeamDesk customers.
In this blog post we would describe an example illustrating how to revoke such mobile actions or alerts automatically when corresponding changes had been made directly in the database.

1. Automatic revoke if an assigned user was changed in a database record

Let’s assume that a task is assigned to a user and this task arrives to his/her mobile device:

Mobile Request

In case the task is reassigned to a new user and such a new user is selected in the Assigned To field of the database record, the trigger sends the mobile update request to this new user (William Smith).

Reassigned Task

After that the system automatically revokes the update request for the previous user (Kevin Evans).

Empty Mobile Inbox

The newly assigned user (William Smith) may now report a solution using a mobile device.

Mobile Record Update

When a user submits the solution, the system updates the record in the database.

The same functionality is also related to a mobile device alert, however, only the buttons will get removed immediately from such an Alert, while the Alert itself will disappear from the Alerts folder after 30 days from the creation date.

Revoke Aler from Mobile Device

2. Automatic revoke when the Status is changed to Closed in a database record

Say you created a Status text column with Open and Closed choices to register tasks’ statuses. In case a user updates a Task record directly in a database to change the Status from Open to Closed, you may need to revoke the update record action which had already been sent to a user mobile device.
To add this mechanism, you need to create the Status text column with choices and the Formula-User column.
This will add two choices: Open and Closed to the Status column.

Status column with choices

When the Closed option is chosen and the record is saved, the system should revoke the update record request from an assigned user’s mobile device.

Status Changed to Closed

To clean the update record request, you need to add the Formula-User column with the following formula:

Formula-User column

Now create a record change trigger, such as this one, for example:

Record changed Trigger

Then add the mobile device update record action that you need to revoke, to the trigger and select a Formula-User column in the settings of this action.

Mobile Device Update Record Action

As the result, when the task status is changed to Closed in a database record, all update record requests with the Closed status will be revoked automatically from the assigned users’ mobile devices.

Revoke Mobile Update Request

Please note that the revoking process can take up to 15 minutes.

You may apply this configuration to a mobile device alert; however, only the buttons will get removed immediately from the alert, while the alert itself will disappear from the Alerts folder after 30 days from the creation date.

Revoked Mobile Alert

3. The ‘Revoke from Devices’ Button

In case you need to revoke a mobile update record action from all the devices, just use the ‘Revoke From Devices’ button accessible on the action form.

Revoke Mobile Request button

After pressing the button, the action will get removed from all the devices’ Inbox folders.

Revoked Mobile request

The same button is accessible in a mobile alert form. It also allows to remove the alert from all the devices’ Alerts folders.

Revoked Mobile Alert

4. Deletion after 30 days from creation date

All mobile requests and alerts are getting deleted by the system automatically, therefore all mobile update record requests and mobile alerts will disappear from mobile devices after 30 days from the creation date.