If you need to generate a printable products catalog with a price list, you’ll find TeamDesk multi-record document feature really helpful.

Creating a printable products list in either MS Word or PDF format is now a quick and easy process.

First, mark the products you need from the product catalog.

Multi-Record Document

Then press the “Price List Multi-Record Document” button at the top of the view to generate the document:

Price List Document

The document may be easily formatted as needed.
At first, generate a default document template, containing fields’ placeholders:

Document Template

Then draw a nicely formatted table and paste system fields’ placeholders into appropriate spots.

Created Document

Save this document template locally and upload it into the system, choosing the “Multi-Record” option.

Moreover, in our Multi-Record Document example the product names with prices are stored in different records, but they should be displayed on the same document page as a table, therefore the “Page Break” checkbox has to be unchecked in the document settings. As a result, the generated “Price List Multi-Record Document” will comprise the table filled in with multi-record data.

Document settings

In case you need to calculate “Total summaries”, such as Total Price within the document, you should insert the formula, for example, a formula like
can be selected in the MS World settings.

MS Word Formula