A typical business process requires creating various types of documents like invoices, contracts, project confirmations, etc. All these documents can be generated by TeamDesk, as the system dynamically inserts values from the database directly into the template. Here are some examples from Document Gallery:



If you don’t use TeamDesk’s Document functionality yet, we highly recommend you try this handy tool.

For instance, you created an Invoicing database and want to use the Invoice table records to generate invoice documents. Let’s assume you have the following record:

invoice database record

Fig. ‘Invoice Record’

As the first step, you need to generate an MS Word document template with database fields’ placeholders:

generated template

Fig. ‘Invoice Template’

You may easily format the template to create the layout you need. Simply create an Invoice document layout in MS Word and then insert (copy/paste) the placeholders from the system-generated template into this nicely-formatted document.

adjusted document

Fig. ‘Created Invoice Document’

Upload the designed template to TeamDesk system and then the “document” button will appear on the record form.

document button

Fig. ‘Document Button’

Now you may generate a document filled with data with just a click of a button.

generated document

Fig. ‘Generated Invoice’

You may change, keep, send or print the created Invoice as you would any regular MS Word document.

Please refer to Documents topic for details.