A correctly-tuned and reliable operating database has always been the backbone of virtually any business. Today, two more features appear to have become a must for up-to-date database software: high flexibility and total accessibility. And these are integral components of custom online database solutions like TeamDesk, which are gaining in popularity and respect lately.

At the same time, seen by many experts as inevitable, transition of databases to the Cloud still has plenty of myths surrounding it which need to be debunked. So here we go.

Myth 1. You need to be a programmer guru to use cloud database software

Actually, it’s completely the other way around – you don’t have to mess with anything technical. Getting started with a database online is extremely easy with just 3 simple steps: import/create – adapt – tune access. You can either import your existing database or build the database you need from scratch. For the latter you can select required components or choose a predefined template. TeamDesk has an extensive database templates library featuring more than 60 ready-made patterns sorted by industry or by function.

The second step is customizing your database to exactly fit your business demands. Simply remove everything you don’t need or add missing components in the blink of an eye.

And finally, effortlessly tune application security by giving or restricting users’ access to any part of data and to any actions according to individual role settings. And you’re all set to empower your business with a powerful web-based tool, accessible from anywhere, anytime. Should you have any questions, TeamDesk support is always close at hand to assist you.

Myth 2. Online databases are less secure than local server

We’d say this is a question of perception which, in this case, is NOT reality. Today, having a server locked in a vault 100 meters under the ground is not a guarantee that information on it is secure. According to the McAfee / Intel Security ‘Grand Theft Data’ report, the Cloud appears to be more secure than many IT professionals believe. Simple statistics: when it comes to stealing corporate data, almost two-thirds of the breaches involved traditional corporate networks, and cloud break-ins accounted for only a third. Plus very often database security problems happen due to human error rather than technological issues.

More specifically speaking, data breaches are successful when hackers find vulnerabilities – no matter whether the data is hosted in the Cloud or on-premise. Security of information entrusted to TeamDesk is our top priority; all data is heavily guarded both physically and electronically. The TeamDesk operations are completely redundant, and the platform is hosted in the world-class data center, one of the most reliable and secure in the US. Besides, we perform a daily back-up of customer databases to prevent data loss. Over the matter of your information security TeamDesk puts entire business on the line.

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Myth 3. Online databases cannot match ready-made software’s functionality

Well, we should admit that this one is partially true, but only because the concept of a customizable online database is absolutely different from what ready-made software is all about! The thing is if an out-of-the-box product fits the needs of your business – that’s very good. But what if it doesn’t? The more unique your business process is, the more complex the ready-made solution is that you need, the more functions it has and the more expensive it is. And on top of everything it’s just not flexible enough to evolve along with your business. As a result, you have to adapt your process, not the software. Is it worth such a headache?

On the other hand, a customizable Internet-based data management system lets you build web applications for your exclusive business needs. No tons of options you’re never going to use – just what you require here and now. Should you want more, just add the required functionality and carry on!

Myth 4. Online databases cannot deliver adequately high performance and permanent availability

This myth is a blast from the past. Consistent performance and predictable availability were issues for databases at the dawn of cloud computing when administrators had to look for SQL database problems and solutions throughout the Web. But today technology has evolved to such an extent that databases in the cloud can match or even exceed the performance and availability requirements imposed on locally based systems. At the same time, you don’t have to keep the whole IT department, because resource contention, bottlenecks, query tuning, indexes, and execution plans would be entirely the vendor’s responsibility.

Permanent availability of online databases is not an issue today either. Yes, about five or six years ago database access problems in the cloud were a commonplace occurrence. But nowadays online databases downtimes approach zero. With 99.96% uptime record over the last 6 years and a well thought-out disaster recovery system, TeamDesk reliability is rock-solid. You can rest assured: whenever you need to access your data – you will have it.

Myth 5. Complicated data migration process

This is probably the easiest myth to bust. The fact is that if you already have an offline database, all you have to do is to convert spreadsheet to database and automatically create your application in TeamDesk. Yes, it’s that simple.

The only obstacle for migration to the Web may be the psychological one – reluctance to change your familiar ways. However, the time you invest in the transition will be well worth it in the long run when you consider the cost effectiveness and efficiency that comes with TeamDesk solutions. Plus the TeamDesk crew also offers thorough migration assistance to ensure a flawless and risk-free move to a new secure home for your data.


In today’s data-driven business, the database is the heart of most processes, and is often the most complex and critical piece of infrastructure when it comes to performance. But even in XXI century online databases are subject to myths and biases. Hopefully, we managed to debunk the most popular ones concerning web-based business data management software. Do not allow outdated prejudices to block your way to the future. According to Forbes, 78% of U.S. small businesses will have fully adopted cloud computing by 2020 more than doubling the current 37%.

What TeamDesk can do for your business?

  • Support you and work with you to develop the database that fits your business needs.
  • Save time and money.
  • Give you the basis for making better business decisions that bring in more revenue.

How TeamDesk does this? – By providing you with:

  • Fast and easy development, maintenance, and application security setup with no programming required.
  • Remarkably reliable and secure software.
  • Stable accessibility from anywhere, anytime.
  • Full customization and high scalability.
  • Powerful and convenient user interface.
  • Unlimited customer support.

And this is not something mythical – this is what we do every day for hundreds of our happy and loyal clients.