For a long time periodic triggers where processed at midnight on a daily basis; monthly triggers were processed on a 1st of month. If you wanted to change this behavior you were needed to use a workaround: a time-dependent trigger based on a formula the calculates desired date and time based on a current date/time obtained via Today() or Now() functions.

This workaround is no longer needed. Today, TeamDesk’s periodic triggers were extended with two options – a time to process the trigger (midnight is still the default) and, for monthly trigger case, the day of the month.


Moreover, time-dependent trigger approach for the problem is quite ineffective. Let’s see how triggers work.

The periodic trigger runs once a day/month at specified time. In contrast, time-dependent trigger gets filtered list of records, calculates the date/timestamp column for every record and then checks what records it should process and does it every 3 minutes or so.

In case of workaround, the column the trigger is based on is typically a formula that uses Today()/Now() and adds or subtracts an offset. It calculates to exactly the same value for every record filtered by the trigger and in most cases the application is wasting the time and resources just to find out there is nothing to process.

So, if you are using time-dependent workarounds, we kindly ask you to convert them to periodic triggers. To find such triggers quickly we have extended Performance Tips page found under Setup tab, Tools section to report Nondeterministic Time-Dependent Triggers. If you are in doubt, do not hesitate to ask for help at

And, by the way, view subscriptions were extended with the same set of options.