Changes to top navigation bar

Today, we have slightly changes the structure of the top navigation bar.


The name now displays dropdown menu with access to user’s personal preferences and the link to sign out. Application administrators are presented with two more items: one to display currently assigned role and another to display popup menu to quickly change the role. This will allow administrators to test how the application looks and behaves under different roles without having to enter setup section.

Alert box was also redesigned: now it simply displays the unread message count and highlighted when there are critical alerts unread.

4 thoughts on “Changes to top navigation bar

  1. The role change feature is excellent – I am using it regularly to great effect.
    HOWEVER, the removal of the “sign out” from the top banner to a subsidiary menu is unhelpful and not intuitive. I assert that the industry standard is to have a log off / sign out button immediately available at all times.

  2. @Desmond: With new site layout Google does not follow industry standard, for example. Neither Quickbase does.
    Nevertheless, with an attempt to hide Sign Out button we are striving to make more room in a top bar, which with all options on may become cluttered. This is an effort to prepare TeamDesk for mobile devices adoption.

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