Minor update:

  • fixed restoration from schema-only backups
  • added support for decimal data type


An update was released today. Here is the list of changes:

  • Previous all-or-nothing transactional model has been deprecated. The tool still stops on first error when parsing the data model, however the data import pass now logs all errors to the application dashboard. It would be faster to correct few data errors by hand rather than wait for tool's update;
  • Attachment files are now imported;
  • Added support for multi-application backup files. As TeamDesk does not support links between applications, everything is imported into a single app;
  • Calculated values and aggregates are mapped to formula types to ease the transition; The formula still needs to be rewritten manually;
  • Coghead groups are displayed as collapsible sections in the form. As sections in TeamDesk do not nest, nested groups may generate empty sections – they should be removed manually;
  • Now we are trying to create column's name from widget's label. Duplicate names are resolved by adding numeric suffix to a name;
  • For the links, the lookup field is generated for the display value.


First beta version of Coghead Import Tool was released.

Due to differences in the Coghead and TeamDesk architectures, parsing Coghead backup to create TeamDesk application that works identically is almost impossible task, so we have concentrated mainly on importing the data model and the data.

Coghead does not limit the length of the strings. TeamDesk, rather, provides two separate types: Text, with limited length, and Multi-line Text. The length of the text in the latter is not limited. While importing, we are looking at the widget associated with the field. If it is a multiline input box or rich-text widget, we are importing to Multi-line text. 

Coghead uses hierarchical storage for the groups. TeamDesk uses table model. Coghead groups are imported into separate table named Table:Group linked to the main table.

For calculated fields and aggregates the formula is not translated: the formula language, Coghead uses is absolutely different from TeamDesk and writing the translator will take a lot of time. Values from these columns are imported, the formulas are placed in the column description. After the import these columns can be eventually converted to TeamDesk counterparts: Formulas and Summaries. (changed)

Coghead's links provide display property. TeamDesk separates the value to display via Lookup columns. Display property is ignored when importing the link. (fixed)

Importing of grids (linked lists) is not supported, though they may be re-created in TeamDesk through relationships and views.

Attachment fields are created, yet files are not imported. This will be fixed in the next version of the tool. (fixed)

The tool will evolve. If it does not do something right now, it does not mean it will never do it. Check back periodically, we'll update this article when new features will be available.