Recently we’ve added the ability to display the data from TeamDesk on a public website without the need to utilize TeamDesk API. You can simply place an IFRAME on your web page setting its source to a page of your choice in the application.

The actions, users of your website will be allowed to do, are determined by TeamDesk’s role-based security. So, first you’ll need to do is to create a role and set up appropriated access rights and actions.

Next, invite account to your application. The name associated with this account is Public User. Assign it a role you had created.

Now to the integration part. In the application, select page you want to display, capture the URL from the browser’s address bar and add the folders “/public” or “/embedded” after the “/secure”. The “/public” folder will display minified TeamDesk interface (no header and footer) still providing an access to tabs and views. The “/embedded” folder will display just the data (dashboard, form or view).

Let us illustrate this. The original application URL is displayed on the screenshot:


Adding the “/embedded” folder,
will display the area covered by green overlay.

And if you add “/public” folder,
the user will be presented with the part of the interface as it is covered by red overlay.

Please note that locale specific data like number, dates and timestamps are displayed according application owner’s locale and timezone.