New TeamDesk dynamic calculation feature mixes the best from both column and formula worlds.

Have you ever encountered the situation when the certain value is usually calculated from other values, but in some cases you need to enter it manually?

In TeamDesk you are usually did it with three columns: a formula or lookup to calculate the value, a column to store manual override and another formula to check if there is a value in a column to use it, or to use calculated one.

Now it's all quite simple. Default Value formula has been extended to accept the use of other columns and works not only when new record is created, but also when any column used in the formula changes its value. To reflect added functionality we have renamed Default Value to Default/Calculate.

See it in action:

Here, we are editing Invoice Detail table. When product is selected, its catalog price is copied to item's price column. Discount, as well as total is dynamically updated. Now we lower item's price. Again, the discount and total are recalculated. And what if we change items' quantity? Recalculated. Change discount percentage? Recalculated. And finaly we change the discount value – the total is updated.

Let's list some common usage scenarios:

PROBLEM: When Status changes to Completed fill Date Completed with current date.

SOLUTION: Use Case([Status], "Completed", Today()) formula for Date Completed default/calculate value.

PROBLEM: The price should never change for the invoice item even if the catalog price changes at later date in related Product table.

SOLUTION: Create Price column in the Invoice Details table and use Product's Price lookup as its default/calculate value.