As you probably know, last months we were working hard to prepare TeamDesk for running within EU boundaries. Finally, we are gradually opening public access to TeamDesk on Microsoft Azure platform on West EU (Netherlands) datacenter – in addition to our existing US datacenter.

Now Customer Data is stored and processed in one of the following data centers with appropriate physical, technological, and administrative controls enacted to ensure appropriate access to Customer Data.

Entity NameActivityLocationLinks
US Datacenter
SteadFast NetworksData Center ColocationChicago, IL, United StatesSecurity and certifications
EU Datacenter
Microsoft AzureHosting, data and file storageNetherlands, EuropeSecurity, Certifications
Twilio SendGridE-mail relayWest EuropeSecurity

How to migrate from one datacenter to another

If you’re European customer and wish to migrate to our EU datacenter, please contact us and we will work together to prepare a migration plan for you in order to make a transition to the EU as smooth as possible.

As migration process would have to copy all your data from the US datacenter to EU it might take a fair amount of time. We will prevent modifications to your US database to make sure data and setup will not change during data transfer.

In addition, there are some other points you should be aware of before moving existing databases:

  1. Your database will be accessible under new URL –
  2. EU servers are using SendGrid for sending/receiving emails, so you will need to check/review the deliverance of emails. Primary concern is that, in general, we cannot use arbitrary email address in From field. If the domain email address used in the From field is under your control it should be whitelisted, otherwise you may need to reconsider a workflow process if it involves sending email messages from an arbitrary email address.
  3. Built-in mailbox will get a new email address. ( instead of
  4. If you are using a mobile client app, you will need to unpair and pair it again via a QR code obtained from your EU user profile.

We are going to keep the current rate and pricing model for EU servers, though it may change in the future.

In case you have any questions, please contact TeamDesk support.