Filter wizard in TeamDesk was enhanced with the number of options: "is / is not one of", "between" and "not between" operators and a number of predefined date options.

Is one of / Is not one of

Text and Numeric fields are now extended with "is one of" operator. It allows to check if the column matches one from the comma-separated list of values.

For example, "Priority is one of High, Critical" will select all issues with priority of High or Critical.

If you have to type a value with comma, surround a value with double quotes. To place a quote inside of quoted value use two double quotes.

"Is not one of" is a counterpart to "is one of".

Between / Not between

Date, Time, Duration, Numeric and Timestamp fields now support "between" and "not between" operator.

"Between" checks whether the value lies in the range between first and second arguments (inclusive). In other words, it checks whether the column value is equal or greater first argument and is lesser or equal second argument.

"Number is between 2 and 4" will select records with Number equal to 2, 3 and 4.

Date/Timestamp columns also support special values as arguments for between. Now you may define a filter that looks like:

"Date is between 1 day past and 1 day in the future".

Such filter will select records with Date equal to yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Special Date Values

List of "special values" such as "current day" for Date/Timestamps is extended with "range" options:

  • this month
  • last month
  • next month
  • this quarter
  • last quarter
  • next quarter
  • this year
  • last year
  • next year