Whenever you change something in your TeamDesk application, it also updates all related places. Yet, updating the formula is not an easy task.

Suppose you had a numeric column and a formula doubling the column’s value. Then you changed column’s type from numeric to date. Or you simply deleted the column. What result the formula should calculate now? Zero? Nonsense!

It’s not possible to guess how the formula should be modified to produce still meaningful result. It’s likely you, as an application administrator should decide if the formula is still relevant and how it should be modified. So far, when you are trying to delete a column we produce extensive usage report and leave formula code intact, even if it would be invalid. Yet, if you do massive changes in your application you may forgot to patch all the formulas were involved. And it was quite challenging task to identify all such formulas in a large application.

Now the task made easy. Under Setup > Setup tab > Tools you can find "Check Formulas" tool that lists all problematic formulas in your application.

Also, if you have at least one that does not compile, red banner is displayed on the setup overview pages.