Grant Access to TeamDesk Support

Grant access to TeamDesk support staff

When you filed support request asking what’s wrong with your database and our support personnel needed an access to see what’s happened, one of privileged team members was reviewing the request and set an internal flag on the database to grant access to TeamDesk support staff until request  is resolved. The procedure was based on common sense, yet it raised some questions. No longer. Now it’s under your full control.

New option, “Support Staff Access” in Setup | Database | Properties allows you grant access to members of TeamDesk support team until 23:59:59 of certain date in database-specific time zone – or deny it.

Grant Access to TeamDesk Support Option

When you click a radio to grant access, by default it is granted for a week, though you can shorten the period or extend it up to one year. New database trials have an support staff access granted by default for first two weeks. This setting is also propagated to database copies.

One thought on “Grant access to TeamDesk support staff

  1. Fantastic! Can you extend it to offer access to individual teamdesk experts too? This is currently an additional cost our clients have to pay when asking for help to their own databases. If they could select an expert then it would be easier to get help and also lower Teamdesk related work loads. Win win.. win.

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