Headline Views

Today we’ve added Headline Views to TeamDesk. Like summary views, headlines allow you to display aggregated values but they provide more visually appealing presentation.


The key difference between headlines and summaries is that for headline you can provide “reference point” – a value to compare calculated value to. In this case, headline displays up or down arrow based on comparison result and highlights the value with red or green, depending on whether higher value is better or worse.

3 thoughts on “Headline Views

  1. Good stuff! Thanks!
    If I have a table of billable time entries, I want to compare last month, to month before last, but there is no concept of that readily available.
    Any idea how I can do it? For instance, if I get the month from the entry date, and the month from now and take a difference, 0 means this month, 1 means last, 2 means last-last etc.

  2. @Rick: if you select “last month” in the filter wizard, the resulting formula will be a:
    To use the month before last as reference point you can use there a formula:

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