In TeamDesk the user initiates record edit mode by clicking corresponding button in the view. Then the application navigates to special page displaying edit controls for selected record to let the user type the data. Then, after clicking Save and successful validation of the data, the application navigates back to the page the edit session was initiated.

This method works well when the record has many editable fields, but in case of master-detail relationship, especially when detail record is simple, the navigation to the edit page and back it look overly expensive.

For such scenario with today’s release we are introducing inline record edit mode. Of course it is not limited to master-detail pages, you can use it for any table view.

To enable inline editing functionality, we have extended the view’s Allowed Actions property with Inline Edit checkbox.

When Inline Edit mode is enabled for the view, New and Edit buttons change their behavior to render edit controls right into the page.


The user then can either Cancel editing session or change the data and press Save to update the record.

The record in inline edit mode follows form behaviors and validation rules, just like when being edited via regular form.

There are couple of limitations however:

  1. File attachments are not supported at the moment;
  2. View’s subtotals/grand totals and master record data that depends on edited values are not updated at the moment;
  3. Simultaneous editing conflicts are reported but there is no other way to resolve them but cancel edit;

Yet, despite some limitations we think inline editing would be a nice addition to TeamDesk functionality.