When you have complex data structure, often you need to control access to detail records depending on access to the master record. Now TeamDesk provides elegant and built-in solution for that problem.

For example, you have Project and Task tables with many-to-one reference from the Task to the Project.
You’ve already configured “Allow View” permission for Project table to allow the user to see “related” projects only.
Now you  need to configure Task record access to allow user see only tasks from accessible projects.

Controlled By XXX – new record access option

We’ve added new option to the “Allow View” dropdown for that. Any many-to-one reference column from details table is listed as “Controlled By xxx” which allows you to inherit record access from the parent record.

Exists – new function for check record access

Technically, there is new Exists() function in the formula language. You can pass any many-to-one reference column to it to check if record exists and accessible to current user.