Multi-record documents generation

We’ve added the ability to render multi-record documents for selected records.

In addition to multi-record documents you can now render document buttons for each table row. New document’s “Location” property now in par with custom buttons and have following options:

  • Preview Page Button
  • Table View Button
  • Preview Page & Table View Button
  • Multi-Record Table View Button

If needed, theĀ “Views” property allows you to restrict the access to the button to a selected set of views.

To start each record on a new page you may want to set “Page Break Before” for the first paragraph of the document.

5 thoughts on “Multi-record documents generation

  1. This is a fantastic feature, thanks for bringing it to us.
    I have several applications for this in my base.
    Could you please explain further how to use it (giving an example, or documenting the help base).

  2. Welldone!
    Helps a lot for our manufacturing database, when generating multiple work orders.

  3. Thank you for this! Goes hand in hand with what you’ve recommended for our database, and exactly what we were looking after as well.

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