To access the file attachment the user should follow the link generated by TeamDesk, yet the link requires the user to log in prior to downloading the file.

While is good from security standpoint, in some cases you might need a workaround. Typical scenario is sending the data as a result of email notification, for example, to the person who is not the user of your application. You share text and numeric data and you would like to share the content of the file as well.

Or, you may want to send the document to open to some online service, such as Google Docs. In this case, the service typically receives the URL of the document and fetches the file itself; of course there should be a way to bypass authorization.


File Attachment columns now introduce new “Allow Public Access” checkbox (defaults to unchecked to provide compatibility with existing logic). When checked, the link to attachment is generated in a different way – it does not require the user to login in order to access the file, yet excludes the chance to mangle with the link to gain an access to another attachment file.