We’ve enhanced the capabilities of keyword search box – it now accepts queries in a simple yet effective language.

Text query language supports following constructs:

Query Example Description
feature Searches for inflectional forms of the word feature.
feature failure
AND failure
Searches for inflectional forms of the words feature and failure. Keyword AND is optional.
feature OR failure Searches for inflectional forms of the words feature or failure. You can use either pipe symbol or OR keyword.
"feature failure" Searches for exact phrase.
feature failure Searches for issues containing word feature but NOT the word failure
+feature Exact word: searches for word feature without generating inflectional forms.
feat* Prefix search: searches for words that starts with feat
<feature failure> Searches for the word failure in close proximity to the word feature.


  • You can use & (ampersand) symbol instead of AND keyword and | (pipe) symbol instead of OR keyword.
  • AND operator takes precedence over OR in queries. You can change the precedence using parentheses. For example:

    feature failure OR issue

    is evaluated as

    (feature AND failure) OR issue

    You can change the order of evaluation so that OR evaluated first:

    feature (failure OR issue)

  • Certain combinations are not allowed. For example you can not write the query consisting solely of NOT constructs or containing OR NOT combinations or use prefix search or exact word search in proximity brackets. As we designed search process to be unobtrusive, such invalid constructs are silently ignored.