Translating database UI

Translating database UI to your language

Last week we’ve added the method for translating database UI to the language of your choice. The process is quite simple.

First, download sample text file and open it in a text editor of your choice, Notepad for example.

Below are first few lines from the file:

; Common buttons = New
action.view = View
action.edit = Edit

Lines starting with semicolon are comments – you do not need to translate them as they are added just for readability and ignored by TeamDesk. Other lines are key = value pairs. Key is an unique identifier TeamDesk can refer the text by and should not be altered. The value is text to translate. This is how, for example, German translation could look like:

; Common buttons = Neu
action.view = Ansicht
action.edit = Bearbeiten

Save the file with UTF-8 encoding and upload it to database resources under dbstrings.txt name. That’s it.

We are planning to organize repository of translations. If your translation does not use wordings specific to your database you may want to share your translation results with us via support desk.


One thought on “Translating database UI to your language

  1. Hi
    This is a good start and I would have done the German for you, but I see you beat me to it.
    It looks like it is all or nothing for a particular database. Do you plan to make it available user specific for the same database. IE on one of my databases I have some users who are German and some who are English, so I would want each to be able to choose.

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