A long-awaited Unlimited External Customers license is going to be introduced to accommodate an unlimited number of external customers for a flat rate*.

Letting an unlimited number of your external customers logging right into the system, you would no longer need to create special web portals for external users. This would not only save you significant expenses for a complicated JavaScript programming, but would also keep your system flexible and customizable.

Your external customers will be logging-in under their individual logins/passwords, so you'll be able to assign them individual roles to precisely restrict their access to the system.
Overall, managing all of your customers within an integrated system and giving them an access to a relevant part of their data would allow you to reduce costs and improve communications with your partners and clients due to:

  • allowing your partners accessing their relevant information and participating in your applications according to their "roles";
  • effective collaboration with your customers and improved customer documentation sharing and management;
  • planning and controlling joint events with your partners and customers;
  • improving your customer service and relations with your partners;
  • creation of additional self-services.

* Unlimited External Customers license will not be available in the Starter Edition.