Hello TeamDesk fans! We are working hard to bring an update to TeamDesk UI to you. Our goal was to streamline the UI look and feel across various parts of TeamDesk and improve the usability on a mobile devices and tablets. So, here are key highlights.



The base font size is slightly bigger now as well as gaps between lines to improve readability. All margins and paddings are revised to be a multiple of the font size. This approach helps to create vertical rhyme, especially in case of multi-column layouts.


Login/Registration part

Login/Registration part is completely redesigned and now mobile-friendly. Here is how login page looks like on a desktop/tablet:



and here it is on a mobile phone:



Application UI

Application part was also redesigned. First of all tabs are laid out in a single row – always, with an optional dropdown menu on the right to display tabs that do not fit to the screen – we have used this design to display detail tables. We have improved tab layout code always display active tab, even if it was picked up from the dropdown menu. As a bonus, tabs are now staying on top of the page when it is scrolled.

Sidebar was redesigned too. Instead of complex transformation between its visible and hidden state, upon clicking the button now it slides from the left edge of the page and hides when you click outside of sidebar – this design is proven by many applications including Twitter and Facebook. On desktops and large-screen tables it can be permanently pinned to the left edge of the page.




Calendar view’s look is unified with table, summary and crosstabs. It’s header now scrolls with the page. Also, we are now sending the views by email with complete styles, as the result the rendering across various email clients substantially improved (especially in GMail).



Required fields are no longer marked by the label. Instead we outline controls to pay attention to with red.


Once the value is provided, outline is removed.


Upon attempt to save invalid control that is focused starts to display bubble with detailed error description.


Once value is changed the bubble and red outline is removed.



Overall readability and usability should be greatly improved after this update. In a couple of weeks we are planning to set up public preview to gather the feedback from you. Stay tuned!