There may be cases when you need to build an additional ‘details’ view to include it into a generated document. We already published the Displaying Details in Generated Document blogpost. It describes the extra ‘details’ view creation for generated document.
So, as you already know, to insert the ‘details’ view into a document template, you have to select this view in a corresponding relation. Let’s consider the many-to-many relation between the Customers table and the Projects table. The example of the relation settings is displayed in the following screenshot:

You can see that the “Approved Projects” view is chosen in the “Details View” dropdown. Moreover, the Approved Projects name is written in the “Alternative Name” field.

As the result, the “Approved Projects” tab appears below a master record form automatically. In our example the Customer record form is a master record form.

However, in the most of cases, this extra ‘details’ view tab appearance below the master record form is not necessary, so you may want to find a way to hide it.
Fortunately, the form behavior settings allow to hide ‘details’ View tabs in a simple way.

Firstly, select the table keeping the master record form. In our example, it is the Customers table. In this table, you can edit either the default form behavior or the form behavior for some criteria.

Default Form Behavior

Let’s edit the Default form behavior. After pressing the “Behavior” button, scroll down to the colorized section including the list of ‘details’ views that appear below a master record form.

Hide Details Option

For instance, set “On View” value to “Hidden” in the dropdown next to the “Approved Projects” ‘details’ view and save changes.

Form Behavior with hidden details

With these adjustments to the form behavior settings, the “Approved Projects” ‘details’ view tab below a Customer record form finally disappears.

Hidden Details tab

However, the “Approved Projects” view is still placed into the generated document.

Document with Details

Please notice that you can add different criteria to the form behavior settings and make the related details tabs hidden or visible when such criteria occur.