TeamDesk continues to pave the way with innovative features that empower users to streamline their processes and work smarter, not harder. As you might already know, our system has been equipped with the ability to suggest database structures, table columns, and reports using AI-driven insights. Building upon this foundation, we’re excited to introduce the next phase of this integration, which brings the power of natural language to the TeamDesk formulas.

Elevating Your Formula Creation Process

Imagine you’re managing an invoice table with an array of columns, ranging from due dates to payment details.

Invoice Columns

Traditionally, crafting formulas to perform specific actions or highlight certain data points required a degree of technical expertise. However, with TeamDesk’s new feature, you can now communicate your formula requirements in plain, natural language. For instance, let’s say you want to highlight past due invoices in red.

Suggest Formula Button

Instead of navigating complex syntax and function names, you can simply input: “Highlight past due invoices in red.”

Row Colorization Prompt

The AI-driven system takes this command and provides you with a ready-to-use formula that achieves your desired outcome.

Row Colorization Answer

The magic behind this innovation lies in our deep integration with OpenAI services. Our AI-powered system understands your intent and translates it into actionable formulas.

Refinement and Improvement through AI Collaboration

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. We understand that formulas can evolve, and often require additional layers of logic to suit your precise needs. TeamDesk goes above and beyond by offering an AI-driven pathway to refining and improving your formulas.

For example, if you’d like to exclude already paid invoices from the colorization, you can express this requirement: “Exclude already paid invoices from the colorization”.

Improve Row Colorization Formula Prompt

In response, the AI system provides an enhanced formula that takes into account the “Paid” column status as well:

Improved Row Colorization Formula Result

This refined formula ensures that only unpaid invoices with past due dates are highlighted in red, aligning perfectly with your intent.

A Helping Hand in Formula Error Resolution

Formula creation and modification can sometimes lead to errors, causing frustration and delays. Our AI-powered system doesn’t just excel in crafting formulas—it’s also a valuable aid in resolving formula errors.

Formula Error

With TeamDesk’s new feature, you can receive assistance in fixing formula errors by explaining the issue in plain language.

Formula Error Suggest Fix

The AI system analyzes the problem and offers step-by-step solutions, helping you overcome challenges and keep your workflow running smoothly.

Embrace the Future of Formula Creation

In conclusion, TeamDesk’s integration with OpenAI services marks a significant leap forward in the realm of database management and automation. Our platform’s natural language formula capabilities eliminate barriers for users of all technical backgrounds, enabling them to harness the full potential of their data with ease and efficiency.

Say goodbye to the days of wrestling with complex formula syntax. Embrace the future of formula creation with TeamDesk and OpenAI, and experience a new era of productivity and innovation. It’s time to let the power of AI elevate your workflow and redefine what’s possible in the world of web databases. Enjoy a smarter, more intuitive way of working – try out our natural language formulas today!