…are finally available.

For those who are not familiar with the concept here is an brief overview.

TeamDesk Workflow Rule filters the records to apply rule to, and allows to trigger an action(s) when the record is added, updated or deleted; on, before or after the date specified in the record’s field; or on periodical basis.

Actions to execute are: send e-mail, set other field’s values in current record, create a record in another table.

Many things required scripting now can be done automatically. For example:

  • Fill Completed Date field when Status is set to complete;
  • Automatically reassign Task back to Task Owner, one day before task expires and notify the Task Owner via e-mail;
  • Log who and when made record modification in a separate Log table.

Even TeamDesk’s E-Mail Notifications and Reminders can now be fully implemented via Workflow Rules.

Define the Workflow Rule that will filter the records. Add Record Change Trigger (for Notifications) or Time-Dependent Trigger (for Reminders) and attach an E-Mail Workflow Action that will define recepients, subject and the body.