I am based in Australia and Canada with the majority of my clients in Canada and the USA
You can call my team on +61243206148 or email by filling in the form on the right.

Things that matter

when hiring a developer

  1. communicate well
  2. regular updates
  3. easily contactable

Other things that help...

  • milestone payments to help keep costs under control is normal
  • Its great when you can start quickly from a simple brief (think bar napkin)
  • They make it easy to working together on a shared computer (Teamviewer)
  • Developers should be open and flexible to work on many different systems in your business
  • They're happy to work for a flat rate

Integrated Support - Simplify the process of getting work done on your database.
Add our help tools to your database and get support without leaving your system. Save money with per minute billing and fix the little jobs without minimum fees. Create tasks for your database guy and track the exact steps taken to fix the problem. Every Teamdesk database tracks all structural changes in its own "Audit Log". You can find it in your database here ... Setup | Database | Tools | Audit Log. This read only log tracks what changed, who did it and when they did it. We use that log to accurately track the work performed in your database. Those logs are related (organised) back to your support system where you can quickly track all activity and map it back to dollars. You only pay for the minutes to fix something, not the hours to hire someone.

We integrate the same support system mentioned above with our support system. Now you can get help without leaving your database. Next time you have a problem, create an issue in your Issues table. Get one on one support using the same support systems we use in our IT business (below), you can invite us on to your computer where we can build your application together with you. Something special happens when we work like this because things start to flow quickly. You start thinking more about your business and less about how to build a database. Some people like it, others prefer emails or logging issues in the Issues table. Either way is fine.

Download the Remote Support tool here... Windows - Mac - Linux - Chrome OS - Android

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