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  • Invite support@dbdesk.net from your database
    The support account does not incur extra user fees and [setup access] is not needed yet. In your db go | SETUP | DATABASE | Share with additional users
  • Send an email to support@dbdesk.net or fill in the form on the right to tell us what the problem/idea/question is.
    Feel free to include your own words, links, images and even screenshots if you want to get fancy 😅 - whatever is easiest. You can do more with an email
  • We bill by the minute at the stated rate based on your audit log and call times. We use PayPal for international invoicing.
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One of us, probably me, will contact you as soon as the email has been seen.


ok, on with the formal stuff 🤮

Some of the databases we have built over the years

Inventory Management | CRM | Sales Pipeline | Sales Playbook Module | Email Template & Mail Merge System | Field Service Business | Electrical Service Business | Elder Care Advisors | Cabinet Sales and Manufacturing | Household Data Management | TypeForm Survey Module | Computer Repair Business | Student Management Portal | Social Media Management | Case Management System | Sales Rep & Account Management | Property Management | Event Management | Food Delivery Business | Piano Tuning Database | Sanitary Disposal Company | Timeshare Business | Sports Club Management | Tipping Pool | Time and Materials Business | Rental/Hire Business | MYOB Module | Skip Rental Business | Pet Grooming Business | Running a School System | MailChimp Module | Company Asset Manager | IT Rollout Database
and we have consulted on many moreAs a team, we help you with ...

Teamdesk Support

Integrate Teamdesk with your other systems

  • We add functionality to Teamdesk by building the technical stuff while you keep building your vision. We can connect your websites, surveys, courses (LMS), inventory and quoting systems, etc directly with Teamdesk's API/Webhooks/Calls or Web-to-record forms. Teamdesk has a great API so building what you need should be possible. With some REST know-how, a little research, and the right attitude, we should be able to make the systems talk. In those times where you cannot get the two systems to communicate we can use our integration server to reformat the requests. That's a fancy way to say we have a computer in the middle that can act as the translator between your other system and Teamdesk. We brand our database work "dbdesk". This is usually me but I have learned to trust a group of technicians I can call on when I need them. I also use the support team from other parts of our business to help if needed.

Integrated Support

  • Simplify the process of getting work done on your database. Add our help tools to your database and get support without leaving your system. Save money with per-minute billing and fix the little jobs without "minimum" fees. Create tasks for your database guy and track the exact steps taken to fix the problem. Every Teamdesk database tracks all structural changes in its own "Audit Log". You can find it in your database here ... Setup | Database | Tools | Audit Log. This read only log tracks what changed, who did it, and when they did it. We use that log to accurately track the work performed in your database. Those logs are related (organized) back to your support system where you can quickly track all activity and map it back to dollars. You only pay for the minutes it took to fix something, not the hours to hire someone. Now you can get help without leaving your database. Next time you have a problem, create an issue in your Issues table. You can invite us to your computer where we can build your application together. Something special happens when we work like this because things start to flow quickly. You start thinking more about your business and less about how to build a database. Some people like it, others prefer emails or logging issues in the Issues table. Either way is fine.

Some things that should matter...

...when hiring a developer

  1. They Communicate well
  2. They give regular updates
  3. It is easy to find them because they are easily contactable

Other things that help...

  • You will never pay for something you're not comfortable with.
  • milestone payments to help keep costs under control.
  • It's great when you can start quickly from a simple brief (think bar napkin)
  • It is easy to work together on a shared computer (Teamviewer)
  • Developers should be open and flexible to work on many different systems in your business
  • They're happy to work for a flat rate (no surprises)
  • We use your audit log to track all work

Who are you dealing with? - A Brief History.

My name is James Ross and I started our computer support business decades ago but my real value has always been in the team I work with. We started with TeamDesk in 2007 to manage the onsite support technicians and it quickly became the backbone of our business. I hired someone else to replace me in that business and now I work on Teamdesk databases full time. There is more on our history with Teamdesk here... https://www.teamdesk.net/testimonials/21

Other things do we do

Computer Repairs

  • We also fix computers face to face under the brand "That Computer Guy". We have a shop based just north of Sydney NSW in a place called Ettalong Beach. People drop their computers into our workshop and we send technicians out to the site when needed.

Business Support

  • We are the IT support department for many businesses under "Australian Business IT". We use managed services technology to monitor and proactively maintain your business equipment to reduce your staff's time dealing with IT problems. The business premise runs on the mantra "If it was working yesterday, its covered today"

The majority of our clients are in Australia, Canada, the USA, and the UK. You can call our support line on +61243206148 or email by filling in the form on the right. dbdesk is a reseller of Teamdesk but we create our own templates and bill our own customers. We have used Teamdesk from the beginning and we have grown with the team at Foresoft over the years. As IT support for a lot of businesses we are well-positioned to understand business workflow from the owner's perspective. This reduces your involvement when trying to explain what you see and what you are trying to do.

Download the Remote Support tool here... Windows - Mac - Linux - Chrome OS - Android

My promise to you - You will never pay for something you are not comfortable with. Sometimes ideas don't work out. You are often relying on our advice to build something which can take a leap of faith. Sometimes staff doesn't take to the new development as we all hoped. Maybe the system is not intuitive enough or just maybe it wasn't such a great idea after all. Ultimately, you have to build it to know so let that be my risk. My goal is to be the guy that you call on when you have a new idea for your business. Development cycles are short so it isn't such a risk to build it and see.


James Ross

Do what you love in your business and automate the rest

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