We were using competitive products before TeamDesk but we had connectivity issues as the software was either a) not online, b) not flexible enough.

TeamDesk is very simple but also incredibly flexible to meet our business needs. We use the software to manage all business contract relationships, company accounts and sales pipeline. We have also gone as far as creating admin sections to manage the use of our teleconference and GoToMeeting bookings!

Aspects of the TeamDesk application that have proved very successful are the email notification reminders for our sales reps, configurable sales reporting tools and ease of linking Accounts, Contacts and Sales Opportunities.

We found the move to TeamDesk very easy. We got ourselves set up in less than a day!

Due to the flexibility of the platform we are always monitoring the new developments and are able to after a year of using TeamDesk still improving our use of the application.

We have been using TeamDesk for over a year and I would like to give a special mention to the very high level of support we have received – at all times of the day!

Tom Hassall
Marketing Executive
Tom Hassall